Swadhar Greh

The scheme envisions a supportive institutional framework for women victims of difficult circumstances so that they could lead their life with dignity and conviction. It envisages that shelter, food, clothing, and health as well as economic and social security are assured for such women. It also envisions that the special needs of these women are properly taken care of and under no circumstances they should be left unattended or abandoned which could lead to their exploitation and desolation.

Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi has also sanctioned a Short Stay Home in our favor since 2004. The Short Stay Home subsequently renamed as SWADHAR GREH in 2016 to provides shelter, food, clothing and health care to women and their children who are abandoned or affected by violence. Counselling both psychological and legal, vocational training and legal aid support provided to those women for a maximum period of five years. Moreover, the women who face violence in their families pass through extreme economic crisis in their life. Fellowship supports those women to meet their livelihood who are capable of taking up entrepreneurship initiatives on their own. The reporting year shows, 57 women and 23 children admitted into the Swadhar Greh. After counseling 51 cases have been solved.15 inmates have been provided with vocational training. 05 inmates rehabilitated on the job. Presently 32 inmates are staying in the Swadhar Greh.